After the War

The air raid shelters were demolished in the early 1950s and the other building project of the time was the creation of the new school canteen in 1950 by converting Buist’s Garage on Rockcliffe Street into the Rockcliffe Dining Room. This remained in use until July 1971. It was on the site now occupied by the Guardian Court flats.

On the amalgamation of the two schools in 1960 the Head Teacher was Mr. A. Hardman. Mr. Donald Tittley was the next head until the closure of Rockcliffe as a primary school in June 1973.

Mr. George Usher was the first head of the newly created Rockcliffe First School and was followed by Mrs. Jean Shaw in 1986, Miss Hilary Cooper in 1994 and Mrs. Sharron Colpitts-Elliott in 2002.